New club focuses on student wellness at Townsend Harris

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This fall, senior Max Kurant and junior Delila Hasic established The Student Wellness Council, a new club at Townsend Harris that is devoted to the wellbeing of students by targeting issues such as stress within the THHS community. The club’s main goal is to create a more understanding school community, where students are able to de-stress and appreciate free time.

The club, which meets every Wednesday, is made up of five main sections: Videography, Data Gathering, Event Planning, Public Outreach and Graphic Design. Each team has different responsibilities that work towards achieving school wellness. The Data Gathering team collects information about THHS issues, while the Public Outreach Team focuses on advertising the club and facilitating social media outreach. The Videography team expresses important messages about wellness through videos, and the Graphic Design team creates posters representative of the Wellness Council and the concerns of THHS students. The Event Planning Team is responsible for organizing “de-stressing” events and will be collaborating with other clubs to plan these events.

“The Student Wellness Council was founded to improve the environment and student experience in this already great school,” said Max. “Through hosting de-stressing events, talking to students about their experiences, and reaching out to teachers, parents, and administration, we seek to create an environment where everybody can understand each other more and students value their own state of wellness.”

The Council has numerous event and project ideas that involve the entire student body. Event Planning leader junior Yamila Frej, plans to hold dance lessons in the courtyard during lunch bands. She also wants to organize a karaoke event and a Bob Ross painting event. The Data Gathering and Public Outreach teams plan to send out surveys on social media platforms such as Instagram to increase student engagement.

Junior Zafirah Rahman, a member of the club, said, “I believe that the student wellness council can really contribute to the student community at Townsend Harris by helping reduce stress and also to ensure that students have a more enjoyable high school experience.”

“I think that the people participating in the council truly care about bettering the school and making students happier, which is why I was interested in joining,” commented sophomore Natalie Villacres. “I think the council is well overdue and will have a great impact on the school community.”

Public outreach team leader, sophomore Victoria Ciszewska, said, “We need to build a Townsend Harris where students feel comfortable, where students build each other up, support each other, and understand the importance of taking time for themselves… Our goal is to redefine traditional ‘success’ as balance.”