Social media in a scramble after an eggstraordinary post

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A photo of a simple brown egg against a plain white background is now the most liked photo on Instagram. The picture was posted by @world_record_egg for the sole purpose of beating the previous record of likes held by Kylie Jenner, who garnered 18 million likes after posting a picture of her newborn daughter. First posted on January 4,  the egg has amassed an astounding 36.2 million likes. The account is now verified, with the post’s number of likes growing at an “eggs-ponential” rate.

Due to the popularity of the post, the account’s owner has recently posted on their story that the World Record Egg plans on releasing merchandise at the request of their followers.

Senior Joseph Zhao said that it is “the most revolutionary thing to happen to social media.”

Others, such as senior Jacqueline Valenti, however, said she was “fine with the egg until [she] woke up in the morning and saw a cringey news report. It was from a reporter who was very clearly out of touch with social media. They kept on saying how silly they thought the idea of an egg trending on social media to be.”

Media outlets also questioned the purpose of using something as mundane as an egg. Junior Adora Barikdar said, “They could’ve used something other than an egg. Why did they choose an egg of all things?” Sophomore Tiffany Yeo was confused as well, saying that it was “useless, yet so interesting.” Senior Andrea Jainarine felt that “It should’ve been something sentimental instead of a random egg.”

“The egg was a brilliant idea, and I’m glad it topped Kylie Jenner’s post because the egg is more relevant in my opinion,” said junior Shannon Thomas. “It was an interesting way to get millions of people around the world to like something so weird and in such a short amount of time.”

Sophomore Alexa Jude Tumulak added, “This is the closest we’ll ever get to world peace.”

In contrast, senior Supriya Singh said, “I feel like the fact that an egg was competing with Kylie Jenner for social media likes shows how distracted society is. Why are 20 million people focusing on liking a random brown egg on a virtual platform when real people are dying and our government is shut down?”

Trends come and go, but the picture of a plain brown egg now holds a title on one of the most prominent social media platforms in the world.