Highly anticipated show set to come back in late March

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From the day it came out on last March, the Netflix show On My Block took the adolescent world by a storm. In ten episodes, the show captured four teenage friends’ journey of self-discovery and heartbreak on the gang-influenced streets of South Central Los Angeles. Most importantly, the season ended on a devastating cliff hanger which left everyone wondering if the fan-favorite character Ruby had died after a shooting.

Junior Sadiyah Islam found the show so captivating because of how relatable it was to the teenage demographic. She said, “From the way Cesar distances himself to how Jamal ignores everyone’s judgment on his conspiracy theories, I feel like there’s something there that we all can relate to.” The cliffhanger specifically left her and many viewers “mad, to say the least.”

The cliffhanger scene made freshman Angelina Kretz particularly worried because Ruby was one of her favorite characters on the show, like many viewers. “He was the sweetest and put everyone’s need before his own,” she stated.

All worries diminished when the trailer for the very much-anticipated season two was posted on the shows official Instagram page four days ago, reaching more than half a million views in two days. The last clip of the trailer was a close-up of Ruby lying in a formal suit and opening his eyes in the very last second.

Sophomore Jennifer Dutchin felt more than relieved after seeing the trailer. She said, “I definitely expected Ruby to die. I really didn’t want the show to go that route but knew it always was a possibility. I’m so excited for the next season to drop.”

Sophomore Filisa Mohabir also can’t wait for the season and shared that it only took her a day to finish watching the first season because of how good it was. Sadiyah agreed and stated, “I remember having labs due and tests to study for but I just couldn’t stop watching. It was too funny and wholehearted to put on pause.”

For those of you who haven’t gotten around watching it yet, make sure to do so before season two premieres on March 26.