New season of Stranger Things has everyone talking

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The highly anticipated season three of the original Netflix series Stranger Things was released this past Independence Day. The conclusion of the season left fans of the show heartbroken, confused and eagerly awaiting season four. 

Season three takes place in Hawkins, Indiana during the summer of 1985. Like the past two seasons, this season follows characters like Eleven, Jim Hopper, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Joyce Byers, and Steve Harrington as they once again face a supernatural creature previously brought into their world from Will’s time in the upside down. Season three introduces a new character, a new threat, and more hilarious and frightening drama within the original friend group as they grow older and explore the teenage world. 

Sophomore Marykate Wee favors season 3 the most due the mixtures of genres like sci-fi, thrillers, romance, and comedy. However, she stated, “The season could have more fun moments that can make the show more light-hearted since the show is already full of gory scenes, deaths, etc…” An example of one of these “fun moments” Marykate enjoyed was when Dustin and Suzie were singing a meaningful song from camp over the walkie-talkie during a very intense moment.

Spoilers ahead

Stranger Things season featured a quick post-credits scene hinting to where the next season might go. Fans at THHS have different theories on where season four is heading. 

The main controversy is whether Hopper is still alive after Joyce closed the gate. Some believe that Hopper survived the end since there was an end scene of an existing demogorgon that was being experimented on.  “There is a good possibility he’s still alive and that they’re gonna reunite to fight them once again,” said Marykate. 

Janaya Sydney, freshman at THHS, stated “I feel like the evil Russians will come back and come back bigger with the shadow monster.” This is another theory for season 4. In addition, she liked how Mike and El got closer however, she also found it heartbroken that Hopper died.