A new addition: Abid Choudhury

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With the influx of new teachers this year, Abid Choudhury was recently hired to become a part of the THHS faculty as a math teacher. He is teaching mainly freshmen and sophomores in Algebra 1 and 2. 

Prior to becoming a teacher, Abid Choudhury majored in sociology and political science. However, his college schedule consisted of an abundance of math classes, and he often tutored SAT math, thus creating a foundation for his future career. Becoming “disillusioned” with his major, his passion for math eventually led him to shift gears midway through his senior year in college. 

At his previous school, Mr. Choudhury taught freshmen in Algebra 1 and Geometry to sophomores through seniors. Besides teaching, he was also very active at the school. “I coached the basketball team for a short while, and I used to try to participate in everything I could… I’d also stay after school most days to tutor kids, and students who weren’t even in my class would show up anyway,” he said.

For Mr. Choudhury, “one of the biggest things that appeals to [him] about teaching is the relationships that [teachers form] with the students.” Such interactions served as a primary factor in his decision to become a teacher. He said, “Forming those bonds with students makes a big difference for them in little ways that they may not realize or I might not realize, even if it’s not explicit or apparent.”

“When you’re doing something meaningful, it feels like you’re having some sort of positive impact on student’s lives whether they end up being phenomenal at math or not,” he said.  

Freshman Mary Kirk, one of Mr. Choudhury’s students, said, “I think he’s a really good math teacher. He wants us to understand what we’re doing and why instead of simply telling us to do it… I feel like that’s really going to help me understand things when I get to higher levels of math.”  

Mr. Choudhury said, “I feel that THHS is a unique opportunity that doesn’t present itself very often. It’s an opportunity to further myself in my career and meet a different demographic of students… this was an opportunity I didn’t want to shoot down.”