College Trip to depart for a Northeast tour

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The annual Townsend Harris college trip offered to the junior class takes place on Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12.  The trip, organized by guidance counselor Jeremy Wang, the junior class president Sharon Li and various alumni, will visit Harvard University, Boston University, Yale University, Wellesley College, Brown University, Eastern University and Northeastern University.

The 50 available seats cost around $250-$300 per person, but varied depending on the hotel rooms selected. Many seniors attended the college trip in the past year. “I chose this time of year because it’s when people are settled into the junior year,” said Mr. Wang.

Students who went on previous college trips shared some thoughts. 

Senior Delila Hasic stated that any student would enjoy the college trip. “All [her] friends and [she] had a blast” and students on the trip received “good insights on the college [application] process for all schools.” 

Senior Nicole Rozmus shared her experience on the academic outing. “Schools like Johns Hopkins and others allow you to figure out the differences in the colleges and it shows that the college is a lot different than high school, aiding you in finding what school is best for you,” she said. She believes that the trip is a great way to discover the best college for students and is effective in preparing for applications in senior year. Additionally, Nicole reasons that “the cost was pretty fair because all the food is covered and also when you split a room with your friends, the cost comes out to be cheaper.” 

The college trip was organized mainly for the juniors to learn more about possible college options. In fact, a myriad of juniors expressed a strong preference for colleges in Boston in interest forms sent earlier this year.  

Junior Bianca Maldonado said, “I think the college trip is a great opportunity for juniors to start thinking about colleges they want to go to by visiting them and learning about what they have to offer.”