38 Instagram likes scored free bubble tea in Flushing

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The increasing popularity of TSAoCAA, a new bubble tea shop in Queens, has caught the attention of Flushing natives since its grand opening on September 25. The shop is located on Prince Street, about 20 minutes from Townsend by bus, and is known for its freshly brewed teas, setting it apart from other bubble tea places that use powder as their base. The store has also attracted a crowd due to its aesthetic “Instagram-worthy” atmosphere.

Earlier this fall, the Flushing location posted a promotion on Instagram and Facebook: repost a picture of their logo, collect 38 likes, and receive a free drink under six dollars. After the promotion was released, several teens, including Townsend Harris students, posted the logo all over their stories and feeds. 

I found out about this place through Instagram. A lot of my friends from Townsend Harris and other schools were posting about this new bubble tea place in order to get the free drink,” said junior Tiffany Liu. “Although I did see this through social media, I didn’t really know what the store looked like or what kind of drinks they served until I got there.” 

Although the promotion recently ended, TSAoCAA continues to gain customers with their menu and aesthetic. Tiffany continued,  “My overall experience there was decent considering all the hype about it on Instagram. I ordered the Brown Sugar Milk Black Tea with Oreo Milk Foam and it was really good. I thought that the store itself [had a cute design]… and the menu seemed to have a good variety… [so it] was worth the effort to go there.” 

Freshman Gaby Fusco also noticed the store itself was well-organized.  “It was very modern and clean,” she said, with “places to sit” and helpful staff.