Senior movie night successfully replaces mixer

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In place of the annual senior mixer, this year seniors hosted a movie night in the school cafeteria to raise money. Students who attended had a great time, and the event was a major success, helping this year’s seniors raise more money than seniors have in the past. 

According to Ms. Baranoff, the senior class raised around $1100 that night, a contrast from last year’s senior mixer, which she said made less than $400. The class of 2020 will use these funds to pay for a variety of senior events and activities. 

Students who attended this event have had an overwhelmingly positive response. 

Junior Aliyah Ghany said, “I enjoyed the movie night because it was a great opportunity to hang out with my friends and to simply relax after a long week of school.” 

Junior Syed Ali also mentioned the night helped him “de-stress with [his] friends” and was a “great way to finish the week.” 

Following the movie night, students also expressed excitement for next year’s senior movie night. Sophomore Zarif Rahman enjoyed the relaxing, carefree atmosphere of the event.  He said, “I loved the senior movie night! Even though we could not be outdoors because of the weather, it was still really nice as the cafeteria was really spacious… I would definitely attend the movie night next year.”  

Freshman Madeline Cannon agreed on the success of this event: “It was really nice that popcorn and hot chocolate were included with the ticket too. That just made buying the ticket more worth it.” 

Nonetheless, there were still a few aspects of the night that students believed could be improved for future success. For example, Aliya said “to improve the movie night in the future, I think we should choose a movie that is not on Netflix as this might encourage more students to attend.”