The lack of underclassmen formals at THHS

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The thought of prom marks the end to a stressful chapter in the lives of THHS students. From meeting midnight deadlines to writing college essays, it can often be the awaited time of their high school experience. Traditionally, juniors and seniors at THHS have been the only ones to have a formal dance held for them. However, some students wish that the school would implement a formal dance for underclassmen as well. 

Freshman Erica Jin said, “Underclassmen should also be given the opportunity to have fun and dance together. If we do not have one, we are missing out on a chance to talk to others in our grade as well as the overall experience.”

Some students believe that having an underclassmen banquet would help them embrace the school’s culture. Sophomore Ashley Wu explained that “it is necessary for underclassmen to have a formal dance [because it] helps them adapt to their new school. In addition, a dance would let them be more involved in school events and help underclassmen meet more people.”

However, some believe more time is needed in order to interact with one another before holding such an event. Senior Maria Leyba said, “I’ve never wished that there was an underclassmen formal dance because my interest for such an event freshman year was fairly low. Formal dances are usually held after students have established strong friendships, which [did not happen] as soon as sophomore year.”

The price tag for these formal events could also potentially deter underclassmen from attending. Ashley explained, “I would not be willing to pay for a ‘Sophomore Banquet’ if it was $75. I feel like that amount is too expensive for an event like a ‘Sophomore Banquet.’”

Several students believe the current events the school offers are sufficient. Sophomore Jamie Tsang commented, “A formal dance for underclassmen is not necessary…our smaller events like mixers are also fun and allow both underclassmen and upperclassmen to hang out together, and are much more affordable.”

“Junior Banquet and prom are enough, because it [is] exciting to look forward to attending these events for the first two years of high school,” senior Emily Tan said. “The anticipation for going really builds up over two years and it’s very satisfying to finally be able to be a part of these typical high school events.”