Sophomore trip bowls over the competition

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By Alisha Mahadeo, Kimberly Sukhraj, Allyanne Ilasin, Staff Writers 

On Tuesday, November 19, current Townsend Harris sophomores attended the Sophomore Trip from third to seventh band at Whitestone Bowling Lanes. After several notifications through emails and morning announcements, the highly anticipated outing finally took place.

Some sophomores described their speculations on the THHS motives for the bowling trip. Sophomore Mary Kate Wee said, “[I think] it was mainly for us to shift our focus away from main sports like basketball and soccer, and expose us to a new sport such as bowling.” 

The trip provided a unique opportunity to try bowling, a sport which many students do not often experience. Another sophomore, Gaby Quizhpi explained, “The trip allowed sophomores to get to know each other better and help each other play the sport. This also took away our stress and allowed us to have some fun.” Mary Kate continued, “I personally enjoyed competing with my friends the most since my friend group isn’t the best at bowling, so we had fun laughing at each other and cheering each other on whenever one of us knocked over pins.”

Fortunately, lunch wasn’t an issue for the sophomores.“I was fine with paying for my own meal and if people didn’t want to pay, school lunch will be served at school so it was fair,” described sophomore Fay Wong. Those who decided to buy their own meals were able to purchase chicken strips, burgers, and fries. Snacks were also available from the vending machines and refreshments, including soda and juice, were served. 

When comparing the freshman trip that the current sophomores went on previously to their sophomore trip, they felt a big improvement. Mary Kate said, “The sophomore trip was more inclusive and fun since it was more interactive.” Gabriel also added, “The freshman trip was a movie, and although it was fun I enjoyed bowling a lot more. I got to make jokes with my friends, relax when I wanted to, and buy food independently.”

Overall, many sophomores found their recent trip to the bowling alley to be an enjoyable experience. Gabrial said, “The trip was all in our control and it was an experience I’ll never forget.” Mary Kate concluded, “I didn’t even know how to bowl, but I found it really fun to compete with my friends…. it was just a nice opportunity to relax.”