Last minute Valentine’s buys for bae

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As Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, the question still remains: “What should I get them?” We made your life a little easier by providing a list of gifts to get your Valentine without breaking your budget. 

  1.  A romantic date

 A shared experience always tends to be more meaningful than any gift! Make some memories by trying something both of you are interested in. Sophomore Noemi Enriquez said that she “would really appreciate a movie date.” Freshman Simran Kaur added, “I want to go to the bridge and watch the view, and maybe go to the park afterward to have a picnic and walk around.”  Whatever you choose to do, you can never go wrong spending time with your Valentine. 

  1. Handmade crafts

Freshman Lyanne Xu said that getting someone a gift based on their hobbies and wishes, “shows a lot of thought.” A handmade gift shows you care without breaking the bank. Freshman Sophia Sookram agreed, “I would want something unique that comes from the heart” such as “a personalized photo album of memories.” Freshman Jeffrey Jun, said he’d like  “personalized art.” With infinite possibilities, this option may just be the one for you.

  1. Chocolate

For a more traditional option, chocolate is a safe bet. The aisles of any drugstore are filled with pretty, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, but looks can be deceiving. This Valentine’s, get your sweetheart chocolate that tastes as good as it looks. Top picks include Ghirardelli Valentine’s Chocolate, Godiva Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Gift Box, and Ferrero Rocher Heart 24 pieces. Bored with chocolate? Reach for your valentine’s favorite snacks and candies. It can never go wrong.

  1. Beanie

Many can relate to freshman Kevin Byun, who expressed interest in receiving a beanie for Valentine’s Day. As the weather brings on the cold, beanies are a functional, fashionable, and inexpensive gift. If you are panicking to find the perfect beanie, lean towards solid colors and those with a more woven and cinched structure. A small additional logo can turn any plain gift into one your Valentine can totally rock . 

  1. Led Strips   

As a trend that first appeared on the app Tik Tok, LED lights have now become a must-have for room decor. Anyone can find a use for these lights, which are a great alternative to the overdone gifts like teddy bears and flowers. These lights are an original gift, with many creative uses. Be sure to grab a set for your valentine for a gift they’ll always remember. 

  1. Merch 

Many people have their individual preferences when it comes to merch. Freshman Gian Syki claims, “I want The Office merch or Friends merch because those are my two favorite shows.” Other pieces of clothing such as hoodies or sweatpants are also potential options for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Although the pressures of Valentine’s Day can sometimes be overwhelming, these suggestions can be used to spark your creativity. As sophomoreDarren Leong said, “It’s really the thought that matters the most. Whether it’s part of an inside joke or something that [we] have asked for a long time, we can easily see the thought and effort put into the gift.” 

Photo by Nikki Ng, managing editor.