A look into Bloom, a new student-led business

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With the rise of student-led small businesses, comes Bloom, a new lifestyle brand led by juniors Jaida Boodram and Victoria Ciszewska. 

The brand launched in early February, posting several images on their Instagram (@itsallgoodbloom) of their shirts for preorder. Victoria said, “[After our] pilot launch, we plan on dropping a Spring Collection with various designs along with a new website in the coming months.” 

However, according to Jaida, this is just the start of their plan. They plan on sending their message of positivity by using the funds from the clothing for their greater goal of developing an app. She said, “The app that helps teens [and] young adults focus on their goals (from school to personal), keeping themselves [and] friends accountable.”

According to Victoria, their name and slogan, “it’s all good,” depict their overall message of promoting better mental health.

 “We decided to create Bloom because there needs to be more direct support for the teenage age group in the niche of self improvement,” Victoria said.

Freshman Matthew Cantor said that they have “a great slogan because our school [is] notorious for stressing over grades. It is a reassurance that everything will be just fine.”

They had the idea for a wellness brand in late October, but Victoria said, “We started to [create their brand] throughout November and December.” Throughout the process, they encountered scheduling issues that affected their productivity. In order to combat this, Jaida said, “[We] designated times for Bloom…along with keeping each other accountable and having great communication.” They also gave each other specific roles in the areas that they specialize in. Victoria stated, “[I do the] branding, social media, and the creative side of things, while Jaida handles management and production.”

The business had shipped the clothing last week and their customers were excited to receive their orders. Sophomore Michela Volpe said, “I bought from [Bloom] to support…[my friends’] company and…because the shirts are cute.” 

Matthew added, “I knew I would get the best product possible [because their] blood, sweat and tears have been put into this company.”