Upcoming Black Widow movie: what do people think?

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The Black Widow movie, starring Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, a trained spy and assassin known as “Black Widow,” was initially expected to come out on April 24. However, Disney has postponed the film indefinitely due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, along with its other movies that were expected to release through May. It was supposed to explore Black’s Widow’s past as a trained assassin, and her desire to make amends for her mistakes. 

Nonetheless, this movie has been met with a lot of excitement, especially in the school community. Junior Alexia Mitchell said, “It shows more about who Black Widow is…the movie would make me miss Marvel[‘s] Avengers even more than before.” Sophomore Simar Ahluwalia said, “the Black Widow movie is a good [place to learn] more about the individual characters that don’t get their own movies out of the Avengers.”

Part of that enthusiasm stems from the fact that, as Freshman John-Carlos Mateo put it, [the movie] has the lead role of a woman, which is unfortunately not too common in superhero movies.” Alexia expressed, “It’s about time!”, and that she was a fan because of “girl power.” Black Widow is also the last original Avengers member to have a solo movie. 

Black Widow is a very popular character amongst Marvel fans, as Alexia said, “Black Widow is my Marvel idol that I look up to…[she] is one of the superheroes without superpowers [that can] still give villains a kick in the rear end.” 

Marvel movies have always garnered a lot of attention among audiences. Simar said that “the movies are very inspiring… [because] people feel [and] experience so many emotions in one movie, but all of them leave satisfied and ready for more.” 

It’s clear that students are enthusiastic about this film’s release. John continued by stating, “I’m excited to learn about her background as a character from a movie perspective.”

Art by Amanda Renzi, Editor-in-Chief.