Green bubbles vs. blue bubbles 

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Android and Apple devices each have their own strengths and weaknesses; however, there still seems to be a universal stigma against Android devices. There is ceaseless debate about which is the unrivaled smartphone device, but Androids often remain the underdog. Many Harrisites have experienced this firsthand. 

Students expressed their opinions regarding why Android users are commonly criticized for their devices. Senior Ashley Cholula, an Android user, explained, “I think there is a stereotype that Androids are slower. All of this comes from . . . social media usage throughout the years. [Apple] has expanded and [continues] changing.” 

Some students negatively perceive Ashley’s love for her Android phone; however, she isn’t bothered by such an attitude. “Some people jokingly [and] passive aggressively [do make fun of my android phone],” Ashley explained. “They take [pictures] and they say ‘not like you could with your phone.’ I just respond with ‘you’re just jealous.’”

Junior Abraham Higuita shared how Android users are mocked because of their device choice. He states, “I feel like Androids are frowned upon in society. The internet even turned it into memes, such as making fun of their picture quality.” 

Senior Deborah Molina explained that “people might have a preference towards Apple because of the brand or because of how expensive it is in comparison to these other products [Androids].” 

Sometimes, consumers don’t even compare features between Androids and Apple devices because pop culture has influenced many to automatically assume that Apple products are superior. Senior Hudaiaba Khatri admitted that she decided to purchase her Mac because she “only heard good things about Apple products and bad things about Androids.” 

However, senior Melanie Harster believes this isn’t completely true in Townsend Harris. Based on her observations, she believes “there really isn’t a major reaction towards Androids in Townsend Harris. In general, people consider iPhones above Androids, but the issue doesn’t go much beyond that.” 

Despite the dispute of which device is best, some recognized that each device has their respective fortes. “Androids are more affordable, possess better battery life, and have better customizability. On the other hand, iOS devices have a better app store, better accessibility, and a wider variety of cases and accessories in order to enhance their features,” senior Ellen Chan stated. 

At the end of the day, Androids and iPhones both serve the fundamental purpose that a phone should have. Though there remains a stigma against Androids, most students at Townsend Harris remain respectful about each other’s preferences for their devices. “[At the end of the day] it doesn’t matter whether or not your [text] bubbles are green or blue,” stated Senior Khadiza Sultana.