The Classic guide to quarantine celebrations

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The lights are off, the candles are out, and you make a wish. Except, this year things are different: you can’t see your friends and you can’t go out. Many Harrisites with spring birthdays will have to spend their birthdays in quarantine this year, following social distancing measures. Regardless, don’t let quarantine stop you from celebrating your special day! Here are some Townsend-approved activities you can do to create memories at home: 

  1. Have a virtual birthday party 
    • Organize a video call on Zoom or have a group Facetime call to celebrate your special day with friends and family while avoiding large social gatherings. You can even use Netflix Party for a virtual movie date. Freshman Justin Linzan, who celebrated his friend’s birthday on a group call, said, “We played Draw Something over a Zoom call for a couple of hours and played silly games—it was really fun.”
  2. Send your friends a virtual message
    • If you have a friend who is spending their birthday in quarantine, send them a virtual birthday card! Although you cannot be physically present to celebrate, take a video of yourself or write them an email in place of a handwritten card. “Especially during dire times, it’s nice to make their special day a little brighter. You can even send a short video because from experience, he or she will really appreciate seeing your face,” junior Xu Dong said.  
  3. Spend it with your family and pets 
    • Although you might have originally planned to celebrate with friends, this is a perfect opportunity to bond with your family. Being stuck at home is the perfect time to learn how to cook, so make a birthday dinner to enjoy with them. Junior Itamar Hindi said, “On my birthday, I spent a lot of time cuddling with my dog and it reminded me of how much I loved him.”
  4. Have a solo dance party in your room. 
    • You don’t need other people to enjoy time with yourself. Play your birthday playlist and jam out in your room! A dance party never fails to lift your mood, even if you’re not a pro. 
  5. Order a meal from a restaurant 
    • Although you cannot dine at your favorite restaurant, that should not stop you from enjoying a quality birthday dinner! There are many local businesses you can support that offer delivery services. 
  6. Don’t forget cake
    • A birthday celebration is incomplete without a cake. Use your favorite recipe or simply purchase a boxed cake mix and decorate it any way you desire. Don’t forget to sing “Happy Birthday,” blow out your candles (or fan them), and make a wish! Sophomore Isabelle Bordstedt, who celebrated her birthday in quarantine, enjoyed her birthday despite the circumstances. “My friend delivered me some tasty Italian food and my mom baked me a cake as well,” she said.  
  7. Self-care day
    • Your birthday is the perfect day to dedicate time to yourself and relax. Destress and put that towering stack of assignments away. Do something you enjoy, whether that be cozying up in bed with a book or watching your favorite tv show. It is your day—pamper yourself! 
  8. Plan post-quarantine festivities 
    • Don’t feel down if quarantine disrupted your original birthday plans. They aren’t canceled, only delayed. Use this time to make them even more exciting!

It’s important to celebrate responsibly, and fortunately, students can find creative ways to connect with friends and family. Junior Leah Inoyatov concluded, “Although I wish I could see my friends to celebrate my birthday, I know social distancing is a necessary precaution. I don’t think that should stop you from having a great birthday.”