Is Hubie Halloween a hit?

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Released on October 7, Hubie Halloween  is a comedic PG-13 movie directed by Steven Brill. The movie quickly rose in popularity due to its well-known cast. Adam Sandler, who plays the main character Hubie Dubois, is a famous actor known for his roles in other movies such as Hotel Transylvania, Just Go with It, and Grown Ups (2). Noah Schnapp, who plays Tommy Valentine, is best known for his role as Will in the hit Netflix original series Stranger Things. Additionally, Paris Berelc, who plays Megan, starred as Skylar in Lab Rats: Elite Force and Mighty Med and Alexa from the Netflix series Alexa and Katie. Lastly, Karan Brar played Mike and is known for his roles in Jessie and Diary of A Wimpy Kid. The movie also featured cameos by many other Disney child stars.

The movie takes place in Salem, Massachusetts where the main character, Hubie Dubois, is constantly tormented by the neighborhood kids, who crudely nickname him Pubie and throw food at him. As one of the town’s community volunteers, Hubie patrols the streets every Halloween in an effort to keep Salem safe. 

However, this Halloween is unlike previous years, as a mentally ill patient escapes from the hospital. To make matters even worse, people begin to go missing unexpectedly, leaving it up to Hubie to find and save them. He is then faced with the difficult decision to either rescue the people who had tormented him or sacrifice their lives. 

At the end of the movie, Hubie Halloween features a tribute to the young actor Cameron Boyce who passed away in July of 2019. Boyce was a famous Disney actor, known for his roles in the popular TV series Jessie, along with his part in the Descendents and Grownups. This movie was produced in his honor, as he was supposed to be a part of it but unfortunately passed a few days before filming began. His role was fulfilled by his best friend Karan Brar, who co-starred with Cameron on Jessie.

Sophomore Angelina McCabe said that she “decided to watch Hubie Halloween since a lot of famous actors [she knew] and loved were in it.” She also gave this movie a generous nine out of ten star rating “because it was cool to see all the actors together and it had a good storyline.”

Likewise, junior Ngozi Anya said that she “would rate [Hubie Halloween] an 8.5 because it was very funny.” “I absolutely loved when they dedicated the movie to Cameron Boyce,” she said. “I definitely had tears in my eyes.” Freshman Christine Vicuna also agreed with her 8.5 rating. 

Ngozi went on to say that she “would definitely recommend Townsend students to watch it, especially with friends, because it makes it so much more fun and comedic.” Sandler’s movies are timeless and never fail to make the audience laugh.