Millie Bobby Brown Movie Mystery

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Enola Holmes, released this past September, is an action-packed PG-13 mystery movie directed by Harry Bradbeer. This movie has risen in popularity because of the wide variety of familiar actors and actresses starring in it. 

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the main character, Enola Holmes, is a famous teen actor best known for her role as Eleven in the Netflix original series Stranger Things. In addition to being on-screen, she was also one of the co-producers of the movie, alongside her sister Paige Brown. 

Additionally, the film featured Henry Cavill, who is best known for his role as Superman, starring as Sherlock Holmes. Recognized in many movies and TV shows, Helena Bonham Carter is another well-known actress in Hollywood who stars as Enola’s mother Eudoria Holmes. 

Not only did this movie feature large actors, but it also helped to boost recognition for less-known actors. Louis Partridge, who played Tewkesbury, rose in popularity after the movie debuted, currently having around five million followers on Instagram.

The movie follows a teenage girl named Enola Holmes, who tries to solve the mystery of her missing mother. She calls her brothers Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, and Mycroft Holmes, a government official, for help. When they see her for the first time, they are very skeptical of how she was raised by their mother. They tell her that she wasn’t raised to be a proper lady based on how she dressed and her ‘unladylike’ skills. Enola later decides to uncover the mystery of her mother on her own. She heads out and meets a boy named Lord Tewksbury, who is also running away, and ends up outsmarting her brothers and helping out Tewksbury.

Harrisites each had different reasons for watching the film Enola Holmes. Sophomore Larry Ejofor decided to watch the film because he was “familiar with the dynamic of Sherlock Holmes, and was interested in how they would translate Sherlock’s cold calculating character unto his little sister.” 

Other students were less familiar with the story. Freshman Wiktoria Sadowska decided to give the movie a shot after seeing “the film all over Tik Tok and Netflix.”

After watching the film, junior Raquel Mulakandov thought that the major takeaway of Enola Holmes was “that you shouldn’t let people tell you which path to choose. Everyone’s journey is different and you should live your own life.” 

Similarly, freshman Tasnim Hossain believed that the major theme was “to always do what you want and never let others put you down or take away what you love.” 

The weekend is right around the corner which gives Harrisites the perfect opportunity to watch Enola Holmes. Tasnim Hossain specifically enjoyed how the film “[shows] a girl going against misogynistic stereotypes in [1884].” 

Raquel believes that Harrisites should watch this film because it would teach “[them] more about the woman’s suffrage movements and how women fought for equality.”