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Time for a feast: a few dessert choices for this Thanksgiving

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Every year, the Thanksgiving season provides an opportunity for families to get together and celebrate with home-cooked meals. Even if you’re not in charge of the turkey this year, you can still contribute to your holiday dinner by baking the best part—dessert. Here are a few ideas that you can add to your recipe book this year!

  1. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This delicious dessert perfectly represents the taste of fall with its mouth-watering spices, including ground cinnamon and ginger. The cake is coated with a layer of whipped cream cheese frosting, creating a rich velvety taste that perfectly complements the subtle carrot flavor of the cake.

  1. The Classic Pumpkin Pie 

This dish is a classic Thanksgiving dessert for many families. Freshman Sandra Sandoval stated that it “has always been a tradition to have that dessert [pumpkin pie] every year and it wouldn’t be the same without it.” This recipe offers a delicious pumpkin filling with less sugar, making it a favorite among people of all ages while being a healthier alternative!

  1. Pumpkin Pie Brownies

This fun recipe mixes two classic desserts into one: brownies and pumpkin pie! Combining delicious chocolatey ingredients with a traditional, creamy, pumpkin-rich layer, it is great to bake with a sibling or family member!

  1. Cranberry Cream Cheese Braid

This delicious fall-themed dessert is a little more elaborate than most, with its braided pattern and various ingredients. When made correctly, the tart cranberry flavor perfectly balances the creamy cheese filling and crispy, glazed outer layer. Using puff pastry instead of pie dough, this dessert is perfect for someone who wants to switch it up and try a lighter alternative!

  1. 6-Minute Apple Crisp 

Between family greetings and schoolwork, it may be more convenient to find a quick-to-prepare recipe. This recipe is microwavable and only has a 4 minute cook time, and yet perfectly replicates the taste of apple pie. Its main ingredients are the same as the original dessert as it’s filled with fresh apples and powdered cinnamon.

  1. Peach Cobbler

As an alternative to using canned peaches, this peach cobbler recipe uses fresh peaches, giving it a more natural flavor. Sophomore Annie Lei stated that she and her family bake “variants of…peach cobbler recipes each year,” ranging from thick to thin-crusted cobblers. Annie also described the dessert as a “sweeter version of the actual fruit” that “balances the savory taste of the pie crust.”   

  1. Spinach Pie Puffs

These puffs are perfect for those whose palettes are on the savory side. The buttery crust with a spinach filling is a healthy alternative to the many sugary pies baked this season. The recipe is quick to make, and uses frozen or homemade puff-pastry dough with a simple filling made of spinach and feta.

  1. Fruit Cornucopias

This is a perfect dessert that “really lightens [the] feast, and quenches your thirst,” according to freshman Olivia Wong. This cornucopia uses an assortment of fruit, including grapes, raspberries, and pineapples, mixed and placed into a waffle ice cream cone. As a nice optional addition, coat the side of the waffle cone with some melted white chocolate, and add some colorful sprinkles. For a healthier variation, substitute the chocolate and sprinkles for honey and seeds like sunflower and pumpkin. 

  1. Dairy-Free Key Lime Coconut Bars 

While key lime pie can be a little sugary, this alternative reduces the fat from the original and doesn’t require baking. This modern twist on the key lime pie uses dates and coconut flakes for the crust, and incorporates cashews, coconut, and coconut oil into the filling, while maintaining the original key lime taste. Use organically sourced ingredients to make it a great, contemporary twist on a classic dessert.

From sweet to savory, these desserts could be a great addition to your Thanksgiving spread and add a bit of variety to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner!

Photo by Elysa Gheorghita, Photographer

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