Study tips to succeed this year!

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By Christy Han and Christine Pak, Staff Writers

With the annual load of tests and assignments approaching as the first term of the school year comes to a close, many students are expressing their concerns over how the year will unfold in terms of grades, major tests, and other paramount grading factors. Many students voiced their thoughts on remote learning versus in-person learning, how the switch has affected their study and work schedules, and the ways they had to adjust to this unfamiliar routine. 

With the unique circumstances of the school year, some students have expressed the advantages of studying when in-person classes were still in session last March. Senior Christine Kim stated, “I prefer studying in person because I like it when my study space and rest space are separate.” Sophomore Anna Kim added, “I prefer studying in person because there’s a more personal connection with peers and teachers.” Both Anna and junior Maisha Rahman agreed that physical communication specifically has become harder, resulting in academic obstacles in many areas of at-home studying.

Many students also had to adjust many studying methods with this new style of learning. “A lot of the teachers do not have PowerPoints or slides so you would have to pay close attention to what they say or type in the chat. It sometimes feels like I am being introduced to lectures,” said sophomore Amanda Ip. “One thing I had to adjust to this new style of learning is to make sure to keep up with notes in all my classes.” Christine also added on saying, “The main difference is online tests, which I personally think are more difficult to do well on now because of the environment.”

Nonetheless, in order to help relieve these issues, Harrisites have come together to relay fruitful advice and tips to succeed this year in remote learning. Christine recommended using the Forest app, which “plants” trees that grow during a timed session. She also mentioned additional apps such as “My Study Life” to keep track of assignments and tests from earlier to later deadlines and incorporates the Zoom platform into her study schedule by going on calls with friends to work/study together. In addition, Amanda suggested using the “Reminders” app to “set reminders a day or two before the assignment is due in order to make sure [students] have ample time to get it done.” Lastly, Anna recommended using Quizlet, Photomath, and study guides to prepare for tests and quizzes. 

As for tips for staying motivated while studying, many Harrisites believe that it is all about the mindset. Anna stated, “I always tell myself that doing it right now will save me from the mental burden that I’ll face later if I don’t do it and that there aren’t that many things I can do instead anyways.” Christine recommends having a “clean studying space because having too many things around you could be distracting. Stretching or meditating in the morning is also helpful.” Maisha also reminds students to “prioritize your mental health above all else because when it is low, you can’t do much anyway, so make sure that you’re okay before worrying about anything else.” To read more about The Classic’s coverage on challenges students face while trying to stay motivated and how to address them, read here.

Aside from apps and maintaining a positive mindset, there are other simple solutions that can help. Christine stated how she films a time-lapse video of herself doing work on her phone to avoid physically using it while studying. Another practical tip that can be useful to others in order to get motivated to work is watching study vlogs on Youtube. In terms of resources, she also believes that it is helpful to utilize textbooks in order to obtain information that students may not have been able to catch in class. Amanda also expressed that it is important to “make sure to have a schedule or a planner or something to keep track of what is due each day or what test is coming up within the next week” in order to focus on the subjects and topics that are most important. Maisha added that simply “having a study buddy who can keep you on track is so helpful, as it makes [her] want to jump onto the bandwagon of productivity and motivation.”

Although many changes were made with this new style of learning, it is encouraging to students still aiming to make the most out of the situation they are currently in.

Image courtesy of Sophia Park, Art department staff