Walking into 2021 in style with Talenti Gelato

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Classic ice cream flavors sound great, but how about some new and more unique ones? Talenti’s gelato is a creamy, tasty, kosher treat, made from the finest ingredients. It “can satisfy every person’s palate,” said freshman Nilla Wahab. With over 40 available flavors, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match. To get you started, here are some of Harrisites’ favorite flavors: 

1.Vanilla Caramel Swirl (Recipe #39)

A unique blend of vanilla and caramel, this flavor is inspired by dulce de leche desserts. Pure vanilla and a neat touch of carmel will definitely leave you beyond satisfied. Nilla said, “It’s soft, creamy, and rich with classic flavors,” said Nilla. “Although they do well on their own, [they] taste better together.” 

2. Double Dark Chocolate (Recipe #3)

This gelato has a generous amount of chocolate, but its unique touch lies in the addition of the flavor of vermouth, a type of wine. The gelato delivers the flavor of vermouth without the actual alcohol, meaning people of all ages can devour this yummy treat. “Double Dark Chocolate Gelato is my favourite flavor because I like the rich and creamy chocolate taste,” said freshman Yonna Yeung. The chocolate morsels tied into this flavor will make you want to remember the name of this gelato for the next time you’re in a supermarket. 

3. Caribbean Coconut (Recipe #9)

Despite its name, this gelato is made from coconuts from the Philippines. The coconut flakes in this gelato will make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. 

4. Organic Chocolate Mousse (Recipe #56)

Want to indulge in a treat with organic ingredients? Talenti offers a wide variety of organic gelatos and sorbets, including the Chocolate Mousse Gelato. This gelato is known to be light, fluffy, and enjoyable to eat. It also features swirls of chocolate fudge. 

5. Mint Fudge Cookie

The fresh mint leaves in this gelato truly bring out the mint in its name. All ingredients used to produce the dessert are natural, with the mint coming from the Mediterranean. This sweet is one of the few gelatos that has layers, including multiple chocolate and mint layers. 

6. Alphonso Mango Sorbetto (Recipe #22)

Moving onto Talenti’s sorbetto line, which is dairy and egg free unlike most gelatos, the Alphonso Mango Sorbetto is made with mangoes from Maharashtra, India. Each container includes 1.2 pints of mangoes in addition to sugar and lemon, making a simple 3 ingredient treat. The ingredients are all natural, and the dessert is dairy, gluten, and fat free. 

You can find Talenti’s gelatos and sorbets in the frozen dessert section of a variety of stores including your local Target or CVS. Senior Amar Maksumic said he purchased his first container of Talenti in his local supermarket when he “saw this cool, transparent carton of ice cream.” Whether you pick a carton up for the aesthetic or the flavor, you certainly won’t regret your purchase. 

Image provided by Ryan Eng, Managing Editor