Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album “Sour” – Staying in the limelight

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By Ellison Daone, Staff Writer

Olivia Rodrigo took the music industry by storm after both her debut single “Drivers License” and her follow up single “Deja Vu” topped the Billboard Top 100. As the first artist to ever debut both her singles in the top ten, the announcement of her first album Sour, which dropped on May 21, had many fans excited. Upon release, the album was met with great success. From Disney channel sweetheart to independent superstar, Rodrigo has made it apparent that she can be just as sour as she can be sweet.

The album cover features Rodrigo with her face covered in stickers, arms crossed and unamused, and her tongue out with letters spelling out the word “sour.”

On May 14, Rodrigo dropped one of the songs from the album as a teaser. “Good 4 U” features an aggressive beat and belting lyrics, reminiscent of a heartsick revenge ballad. From the melancholy heartbreak of “Drivers License” to the upbeat alt-rock feeling of her newer releases, Rodrigo has entranced us with her versatility. Through her first few songs, the breakout artist has expressed range, capability, and potential to be  a striking pop icon.

The album includes her hit singles  “Drivers License,” “Deja Vu,” and “Good 4 U,” as well as various new titles such as “Brutal,” “Traitor,” “1 Step Back, 3 Steps Forward,” “Enough For You,” “Happier,” “Jealousy, Jealousy,” “Favorite Crime,” and “Hope Ur Ok.” The tracklist displays a unique storytelling element, narrating the complex stages of heartbreak and powerful recovery. 

After its release, Sour was met with a great amount of excitement and praise. “Many people can relate to this album,” said freshman Maya Murdakhayev. “Olivia did a great job with making a variety of different types of songs ranging from sad to an upbeat sound. I think after this album release, Olivia will continue to make music, continuing to experiment with different types of sounds.”

Freshman Wren Waltson agreed, “I love the progression of emotions throughout the album. It’s interesting to listen to because all the songs are so drastically different. The album is everything I could have imagined. I think the style is Billie Eilish mixed with Taylor Swift.”

In an interview with Nylon, Rodrigo said that she has “no idea what my career is going to look like in a year.” She continues to say that currently, she is having “so much fun,” and feels extremely lucky for having the opportunity to do what she loves every day. 

Regardless of what the future holds for Olivia Rodrigo, she is sure to continue to prosper with her millions of listeners rallying behind her. She took the music industry by storm, and now, the world is captivated by her every move. Rodrigo’s rise to fame is on an upwards trend, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.