Review: Best and worst ‘Drink Cirkul’ flavors

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With keeping hydration a conveniently enjoyable habit in mind, the company Drink Cirkul sells water bottles and, most notably, swappable flavored cartridges that allow consumers to customize their water’s flavor intensity. The flavors themselves are enriched in Vitamin B and electrolytes. 

Beyond one-time purchases, Cirkul also offers customers a subscription service for their products. A 22oz BPA-free bottle normally costs $15 and one flavor cartridge is $3.75, with the cartridges themselves lasting about 6 water refills. However, if you join their subscription services, there are different price options. 

The best part about the Drink Cirkul experience is they offer free shipping for almost every order. Cirkul also lets customers cancel their subscriptions at any time with their account.

With almost no unsponsored reviews online, here is a ranking of the worst to best flavors. 

  1. Peach Tea TeaSip

This flavor was flat out awful. It was both bitter and had a potent artificial peach flavor which in general is not my favorite. It also had an artificial sugar taste which is usually tolerable, but not when mixed with the artificial peach flavoring. Drink Cirkul also offers another TeaSip flavor, Raspberry Tea, but with how Peach Tea tasted, it’s advisable to avoid the TeaSip line altogether.

  1. White Cherry FitSip

The FitSip flavor line is catered towards people who wish to pack essential vitamins in their daily water intake. As someone who just wanted to try the bottle to become more hydrated and doesn’t typically use stevia or other artificial sweeteners, the sugary taste was off putting. However, this proved not to be that big of an issue as the white cherry flavor itself was good. If you are fine with the stevia taste, I recommend this flavor.

  1. Cherry Limeade GoSip

The GoSip flavor line is catered towards athletes who would like a boost of energy with this caffeinated flavor line. The cherry limeade flavor tasted like the white cherry flavor with a hint of tartness from the lime. It was a refreshing flavor, but it also had the lingering artificial sugar aftertaste like the White Cherry FitSip. 

  1. Pineapple (Unsweetened) PureSips

The PureSip line has all natural fruit flavors if you are not a fan of artificial sweeteners. This was by far one of the best flavors I tried, mostly because it was unsweetened. The pineapple taste was refreshing and reminded me of canned pineapple juice. This flavor tasted great at any intensity from the highest to lowest setting, depending on my mood. 

  1. Entire BrewSip Line

By far the best product Drink Cirkul offers is their BrewSips. The Brewsips are essentially iced coffee blends enriched with caffeine and a natural coffee flavor. They offer vanilla, caramel, mocha, and classic. The vanilla iced coffee flavor was easily the best. Even though it has zero sugar and no calories, it tastes as sweet as Dunkin Iced Coffee. It’s also reminiscent of the flavor in the Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino, but less strong. The buzz from the caffeine was a great boost compared to homemade coffee. The bottle allows you to make the drink as cold as possible without being  watered down, an added benefit that I appreciated.

Overall, joining the subscription is worth the price point if you are someone who wants to try a unique way of hydrating.