S!NG: kickoff and vaccination requirements

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S!NG has returned to being fully in person for the first time since fall 2019. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, several policies were put into place in order to maintain a safe environment. 

Such adjustments included the prohibition of bake sales as a means of fundraising and the requirement of vaccination proof for students and staff. Masks are also mandated to be worn at all times during rehearsals and performances. 

Directors of each team have discovered several new methods to work around setbacks. For example, Freshior overall director Kristen Song said, “One alternative fundraiser we’ve been juggling is selling bracelets. Beaded bracelets that are actually handmade by our amazing Costume & Makeup department.” The Semores followed a similar approach when they held a thrift store fundraiser last Friday, October 29 where they sold various second-hand clothing. Semore overall director Lisa Felson said, “I’m happy that we had so many customers and that people enjoyed it and that we could find a COVID-safe way to raise money.”

When asked about how S!NG 2022 will compare to productions from previous years, Kristen said, “[Masks are] an experimental factor but there are definitely ways to work around it. Mics for masked actors were used during our school’s Summer Theater program and we’ve confirmed it’s definitely possible.”

Coordinator of Student Activities Nicole Gleizer was optimistic about the theatrical performance and said, “As of right now, S!NG is moving along as it always had.”

Acknowledging the drawbacks COVID might bring to the S!NG production, Freshior overall director (and Classic editor) Elliot Heath added, “[For example,] masks make it much harder to project one’s voice, so it’s likely that audiences may have trouble hearing the actors. While S!NG in 2019 was pre-COVID and S!NG last year was all virtual, this year’s performance is unique in that it combines the two; we are fully in-person, but [we] will be working around roadblocks placed by the pandemic.”

S!NG 2022 is scheduled to premiere November 19 and 20. 

Picture Credit: Kate Romero, Photography Editor