Five Christmas flavors that we can do without

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As the holiday season rolls around, one thing that’s a must are the flavors incorporated in the wide variety of holiday foods. Traditionally, these flavors have found a place in foods on virtually every Christmas dinner table. However, here are five of them we found that we can do without. 

  1. Peppermint

Candy canes and other peppermint candies are often sold during the holiday season, but they are not a treat that holds significance to the holidays. The taste of peppermint is sweeter than normal mint, as they are a hybrid species of spearmint and watermint. However, the sweetness can be too overpowering and sickening. If you are looking for a minty burst of flavor, you can look for gum or regular mints instead. 

  1. Gingerbread

Gingerbread is the integral building block for gingerbread house building, however it should be used for decorational value alone. Gingerbread houses may look appetizing as they are decorated with frosting and various candies, but people simply enjoy the construction process. The gingerbread cookies smell great; however, the cookies are dry and have an overpowering taste of ginger. It would be much better to have regular cookies during Christmas. Sugar cookies provide a great alternative for your sweet tooth as they are softer and sweeter. 

  1. Sugarplums

Sugarplums are a mixture of various nuts and dried fruits coated with a layer of hard sugar. It may seem delicious, but the main ingredient being dried fruits makes it unappetizing. The sweetness of the fruits alone would be too overwhelming even without its coating of sugar on the outside. It’s like biting into a big ball of raisins. Not to mention the appearance isn’t too flattering either as sugar plums resemble a murky brown mud ball coated with a bunch of tiny sugar crystals. It might be better to replace the ingredient for nuts, as it will tone down the overly sweet and fruity taste. Or dump the whole thing out and replace it with a regular bowl of mixed nuts. It may not be festive but it would be much more appetizing.

  1. Gumdrops

Gumdrops, a gummy candy associated with the holiday season, come in many flavors. They  are popularly used for gingerbread decorating. They come in festive red and green colors and may look sweet, but these candies are disgusting. The gumdrops stick to your teeth and will not go down your throat without a fight. Normal flavors are already bad, but the popular cinnamon ones are even worse. This candy will burn your mouth and bring you to tears from the overwhelming cinnamon flavor. This mixed taste of sweet and spicy do not complement each other. Any other gummies can replace these gross gelatins. If you really want gummies, Welch’s fruit snacks or Haribo’s gummy bears would be a better alternative. 

  1. Eggnog

Eggnog is a popular holiday drink, but does it taste as good as they say? The answer is no. Eggnog’s main components are raw eggs and milk, and when these two ingredients combine, it becomes a thick drink with an unappetizing scent of bubblegum. The appearance of eggnog is a pale yellow color that resembles pudding, but the taste is not nearly as good. The texture of it is similar to yogurt that was left out overnight, watery but creamy. If one is looking for a dessert, vanilla pudding is the superior option. For a sweet drink, one can choose hot chocolate.