Harrisites discuss their coffee preferences: Iced vs. Hot

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Oftentimes, as students, it’s difficult to fight the urge to doze off in class after a sleepless night studying. Some resort to drinking coffee in an attempt to keep themselves awake and to supply the energy to get them through the day. The Classic asked Harrisites to weigh in on which of the two types of coffee they prefer: iced or hot coffee.

According to those who do not drink coffee on a regular basis, iced coffee is a more palatable alternative to hot coffee. “Hot coffee is less sweet than iced coffee,” sophomore Maisha Rahman said. 

The wide array of available iced coffee flavors also appealed to some Harrisites. Freshman AJ Botsaris said, “There are more popular flavors and variations [of iced coffee] at places like Starbucks.” 

Most Harrisites who prefer iced coffee also point out the perk of drinking the coffee immediately and avoiding the chance of getting a scorched tongue. Senior Mavis Li said, “I like being able to drink immediately at once. I do not like having to wait, or merely have to sip at my coffee and burn my tongue.”

Freshman Aneesa Ahmed said, “I think that the coldness might alert the senses in a way, so taste might be heightened, along with the caffeine intake. Iced drinks are often refreshing, which is something beverages are often aimed to be.” In a similar vein, sophomore Rachel Chan said, “The coldness always wakes me up.” 

For others, iced coffee allows them to recall fond memories of spending time with loved ones. Sophomore Sneha Paul said, “I always get [iced coffee] with my friends and it makes me feel nostalgic.” Similarly,“I think I might prefer iced coffee a little more because I remember stealing sips from my dad’s iced coffee during the summer when I was a kid; maybe it has something to do with nostalgia,” said sophomore Ying Chen. 

Although most students generally enjoy drinking iced coffee, others prefer hot coffee. Sophomore Camille Lin, who prefers her coffee hot, said the preference “can depend on how people are raised as children.” “Some people from a young age have cold milk and cereal often for breakfast, while others usually have a warm breakfast. One’s stomach may not be able to handle the cold temperature of the coffee at such an early time in the day,” she said.

Guidance counselor Ana Patete said she “prefer[s] hot coffee because it’s smoother. It is like a ritual. I like how it brings [people] together.” 

Specific weather circumstances can impact the preference for coffee as well. Freshman Angela You said, “It is nice to have a warm cup of coffee on a cold day. Iced coffee makes the drink too watery.”

Artwork by Annie Park