It’s 2016 Somewhere: Album Review

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Ricky Montgomery, the artist behind hit songs such as “Mr. Loverman” and “Line Without a Hook,” is back with his newest album It’s 2016 Somewhere, which was published on April 15 and contains seven songs and two filler tracks. Though his first album Montgomery Ricky is acclaimed to be incomparable, this album undoubtedly comes close to matching it. 

The album opens with a 19 second “Intro,” which is just a blend of faded vocals and instrumentals. This track flows beautifully into the second song, “Talk to You.” Centered around the 10-year anniversary of his father’s passing, the lyrics contain aspects of grief and hopes of reconciliation. Despite the song’s a depressing theme, Montgomery expresses a catchy and relaxing melody, forming a strong start to the album. 

“Sorry for Me” is the third track in the album. Maintaining a dark theme, according to Montgomery, the song was inspired by his physically and emotionally abusive ex-stepfather getting arrested on Christmas morning in 2012. This is an emotional piece that stirs up sorrow in listeners. Despite this melancholy mood, it’s still a beautiful and crucial part of the album. 

Following “Sorry for Me” is a 43 second track called “Mom (Interlude).” It is not really a song, but rather an intermission filled with a mix of vocals and a speech from his mother. Somehow, it works well to transition from “Sorry for Me” to prefacing his new song. The next song is titled “Settle Down,” and it was no surprise that this song was also incredible. It’s fun to sing along to and the theme of settling down with someone is adorable. This song is more upbeat than the last, yet maintains a similar vibe. Montgomery’s vocals are mesmerizing, and they project more when complemented with strong instrumentals. 

The last two songs in the album are acoustic versions of two of Montgomery’s older singles. The first is “Mr. Loverman,” one of his most popular songs. Though the song was originally released in 2015, it became popular on TikTok in 2020 and marked the start of a new chapter in his career. 

“I Don’t Love You Anymore” is the final song in the album, and ties off the album by maintaining the same soft and calming vibe as the rest of the songs. These versions do not meet the standards of the originals, but they are pretty in their own way. 

Overall, this album was a pleasant surprise and a wonderful listening experience. It’s absurd that 18 minutes and 13 seconds could contain so many themes and emotions. This album is a test to the talent of Ricky Montgomery.