The Phoenix teaches guests to paint like Bob Ross


Ellison Daone

The Pheonix hosted an event open to the entire school where they taught students how to paint like Bob Ross.

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For their first event of the year, The Phoenix led students in a session of “Bob Ross” painting. All students were invited to the library after school to paint a landscape while watching a video about Bob Ross, an American painter and television personality. 

While this is an event The Phoenix has held before, this was their first painting session held in-person since the Pandemic. The students gathered around multiple tables that were already prepped with oil paint and brushes. The Phoenix also provided popcorn and various different snacks as they projected the video on the board. 

Phoenix co-Editor-in-Chief Quinnlan Burke, who is also a Classic Critic editor, said, “[with this event], I was really hoping to establish the idea that The Phoenix is a creative space where you can be whoever you want [and] everyone has a different artistic view. Bob Ross brings this out with a calming atmosphere, especially after a stressful week of tests and quizzes.”

“It was very therapeutic,” junior Nicolas Lin said. “I usually watch Bob Ross without actually participating. This was the first time I followed along with him and it was definitely a different experience. Painting was something I used to do when I was younger and it was fun to reestablish that.”

As they worked, students socialized with one another and discussed their progress.

“My favorite part of this event was that we were able to enjoy a creative evening and share it with those around us,” freshman Sophia Lee said. “It made [the day] very memorable.”

Junior Ellison Daone, Editor-in-chief of The Phoenix, discussed the crowd.  “The turnout was very overwhelming as people kept filtering in. It honestly went way better than we could ever have imagined and we are so happy with what we created.” While the editors were expecting roughly 40 attendees, around 65-70 students attended the event, Quinnlan said.

Photo by Ellison Doane