Zen Den reopens with new rules after brief closure

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Last Thursday, the Guidance Team and THHS Student Union announced the reopening of the Zen Den after a brief closure. Upon reopening, the guidance office shared new rules and to keep the area respectful and safe.

Following the brief closure of the Zen Den, Harrisites were reminded in a school wide email that they cannot use the restorative space to eat or skip classes. However, this email featured a new rule: any disruption caused by a student can result in the closure of the Zen Den for a period of time deemed fit by Mr. McClary. 

“I am looking for students to keep the volume down, not a lot of talking, more resting and relaxation, and for students to not cut class,” said Mr. McClary.

Junior Susan Sun said she is glad the Zen Den is open because otherwise she would have to spend her time elsewhere.

Other students expressed that they are glad the Zen Den is open because it is a place to take a break and de-stress. Sophomore Alexa Herrera said, “this is a school with higher standards which means harder work and more stress. It’s nice to have a space to not have to worry about that so much.”

The Zen Den was initially opened in 2019, just before the Pandemic hit. The creation of the Zen Den came about whenstaff in the guidance office were given a grant and found inspiration from other schools that had implemented mental health and wellness enrichment programs.

Guidance Counselor Sara Skoda recognizes the benefits for students who have a place to take a break. “[The Zen Den is] a space to be more mindful and get away from how hectic life can be as a high school student,” said Ms. Skoda. 

Photo courtesy of Classic Photography