Now more than halfway through the season, The Boys Varsity Basketball Team adds two more wins this week

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With two wins this past week, the Boys Varsity Basketball team has a five game winning streak.. Last Monday, the boys played against Academy of American Studies (AAS) for the second time and after an intense game, they won with a score of 65-59. On Friday, they defeated Energy Tech High School a bit more comfortably, with a score of 60-48. 

The team’s point guard, junior Andrew Chen said, “the game against AAS was super competitive, [but] really fun. We went into the game knowing it was gonna be tight, but I was excited to play them again to see how much we improved since the start of the season.”

During the first half, AAS built a 32-25 lead, but the Hawks won the second half by 13 points, winning the game. 

“I feel as though the season has gotten off to a great start,” said sophomore Sebastian Morales. “We are blowing past teams every few days almost effortlessly, letting our younger players play out games while gaining experience.” 

In Friday’s game against Energy Tech, the Hawks ended the second quarter in a tie, before going on to win both the third and fourth quarters. “We have a lot of confidence that can lead to an amazing rest of the season,” Sebastian said. 

With 13 wins and one loss, THHS is second place in their division, behind the undefeated Maspeth High School. 

Andrew said, “I think the rest of our season will go fine, [but] our biggest game is against Maspeth of course.” The boys are scheduled for a rematch with Maspeth, the only team to defeat them so far this season, on February 3. 

Photo by Anna Bongonis