Class of 2023 travels to Villa Roma for senior trip


Erica Lee

The senior trip took place in Villa Roma Resort this year, where students had the opportunity to participate in various activities with their friends.

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For this year’s senior trip, the Class of 2023 traveled to the Villa Roma Resort in upstate New York. The seniors stayed at the resort for two nights and participated in both outdoor and indoor activities.

Upon their arrival in Villa Roma, seniors were met with a wide variety of activities. In addition to snow-based offerings, namely snowboarding, snowtubing, and skiing, they also participated in indoor activities, including basketball, volleyball, bowling, and table tennis. Many activities required extra fees for participation, including paintball, skiing, and laser tag. Several amenities were available as well, including a swimming pool, game room, carnival inflatables, and a gym. 

Breakfast and lunch were served buffet-style, while dinner involved a pre-fixed menu and was served by wait staff.

“There were so many activities available to all of us that allowed us to gather in settings that we would otherwise never find ourselves together in,” senior Finn Cervino said. “Even if we weren’t engaging in the provided activities, it was nice to be in each other’s presence, whether it was in our rooms, at meals, or walking around the resort.”

Physical Education teacher and chaperone Natalie Rodriguez said, “There was plenty for the students and the teachers to do to keep busy.” While chaperoning, she was able to snowboard, be in the fitness center, and participate in activities in the game room. “Some of the students never did snow tubing, snowboarding or skiing so it was fun watching them enjoy a new experience. The students also got to enjoy the nightlife with a DJ,” she said.

Senior Advisor Blayne Gelbman, who organized the trip, spent his stay snowboarding and teaching seniors how to ski. When asked about his responsibilities as senior advisor, he said, “First and foremost is ensuring the students are safe. After that is having a good time. Logistically, finding a resort, ensuring transportation is available, [and] finding the right mix of chaperones.” 

One inconvenience on the trip included poor weather conditions on Thursday, canceling many outdoor activities. However, seniors were able to fill up the later part of the afternoon by getting ready for the Black and White Ball, which took place at Villa Roma’s event space from 9pm-12am.

Despite the weather, the organizers said that they believed the trip a success. “I had a great team of people, especially [Coordinator of Student Activities] Ms. Baranoff to help plan and organize, and a tremendous team of chaperones to help supervise,” Mr. Gelbman said.

Regarding the trip, Senior Class President Benjamin Babayev said, “My main priority was ensuring the dance was a success and that the senior class was constantly updated via social media.”

“It’s always great to see our kids being kids. It’s easy to forget sometimes because you’re all so smart, mature and hard working, that you’re all still kids. It’s fun to see you guys playing and being your age,” said Mr. Gelbman.