Senior Spotlight: Irene Skandalakis marvels as podcast producer


Chayti Biswas

Irene Skandalakis, producer of “The 27” Podcast.

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From the action packed movies, to the engaging TV shows, the Marvel franchise has been a popular discussion topic among Harristes. Throughout the year, Senior Irene Skandalakis has worked alongside history teacher Francis McCaughey to produce The 27 podcast.

The 27 centers around the opinions of high school students and teachers about the Marvel franchise. Irene said, “The 27 podcast has been an opportunity to foster conversations between teachers and students outside of the classroom environment.”

Though the podcast started as a personal project for Mr. McCaughey, it has now expanded beyond its initial purpose. Mr. McCaughey said that the podcast started as “a way for me to learn the skills needed to teach my US History students to produce a podcast [and] developed into a great way for me to get to know the students of THHS.”

When asked about how Irene joined the production team she said, “with the creation of [The Classic’s] sister publication, The Classic Critic, I was offered the position to be the producer for The 27 podcast.” The Classic Critic hosts the podcast on its channels, and Irene, a producer who works for the publication, is in charge of getting each episode online and out to the world.

From setup, to scheduling, to pressing record, Irene has played a large role in this season of the podcast. “Just a year ago I was only a guest on an episode. Being able to become aware of the process ‘behind the curtains’ is fulfilling. I am able to make changes that I think best benefit the podcast,” she said.

Mr. McCaughey said, “After producing the show almost entirely by myself last year, Irene has been an integral part of this season. She has been dedicated to the show, spending time booking and communicating with guests, designing merchandise, and filming each episode.”

Her time producing the podcast hasn’t always been easy, but she’s found enjoyment in every aspect of production. “Scheduling the episodes is oftentimes difficult given the packed schedules of many students. I enjoy piecing together everyone’s overlapping schedules to create a welcoming environment for their varying thoughts and opinions,” Irene said.

With almost 50 episodes featuring over 30 students and three teachers, Irene looks forward to the future of the podcast. She said, “I hope that The 27 will only progress in the upcoming years and continue to interest students and faculty at and beyond Townsend Harris.”