The guidance department reflects and shares aspirations for the upcoming year


Katherine Lian

Pictured is the inside of the guidance suite.

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The Townsend Harris High School Guidance Counselors shared their views on the current school year and their aspirations for the coming year with The Classic. In room 312, students can find guidance every day if they need assistance or support.

THHS social worker Ms. Alison Harris-Chauvet said, “my favorite part of the school year [is] getting to know new students .I would like to hear from students to ensure that the after-school group fulfills everyone’s needs.” 

Guidance Counselor Ms. Kathleen Blakeley explained that this year is unique in its normalcy,but still came with challenges. She shared the abundance of program changes at the beginning of the year, which delayed meeting with students. 

Looking towards next year, Ms. Blakeley’s message to the incoming freshmen is: “[THHS] is a very special place. It may take a while to adjust [here], but know that we are here to support you.”

Reviewing her six years at THHS, Guidance Counselor Ms. Jessica Graf has noticed that since the pandemic, there has been an increase in students needing mental health support. She hopes for more youth mental health support and recognition in the future. “We’re [committed] to try our best to support everyone, but we need more help,” she said.

Ms. Graf wants students to know: “To find balance in their lives.” She advises students that academic success should not be at the expense of their health.

Underclassmen express their gratitude to the guidance department for advising them.

Freshman Shaw Williams thanks guidance for supporting him. “During any challenges or future aspirations, I have relied on my counselors for support and guidance,” he said.

Sophomore Julia Parker explained that guidance has supported her with personal or school related issues. She said, “my counselor, Ms Graf, has helped me the most. We have meetings once a week.”

She advises that students should meet with staff during specific times, since meeting with a counselor without a scheduled appointment can be difficult.