R.I.P.D. is a bust

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R.I.P.D., directed

The plot of the movie is simple with a few entertaining but unsurprising twists. Character development seems to be tossed in between video game-like action scenes. The special effects are average and the monsters they slay are gross but the violence is not too graphic.

The performance of each actor lacked convincing emotions. This may be due to a weak script and not a lack of talent. There is very little chemistry between Bridges and his love interest, Proctor, played by Mary-Louise Parker. Reynolds says very little throughout the movie and only breaks his silence to make a few witty remarks, and to move the plot along by arguing with Bridges. His chemistry with his wife Julia, played by Stephanie Szostak, is better than Bridges and Parker, but it is still not very convincing.

RIPD’s one saving grace is Reynolds’s sarcastic and sassy comments. However, the movie doesn’t get much funnier than the trailer. Overall, the movie is pure mindless entertainment; there is not much merit to it.