New fall fashions debut at New York fashion week

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The stylish shoes and skirts of New York fashion  week's attendees.
The stylish shoes and skirts of New York fashion week’s attendees.

What’s interesting about fashion week is not only the collections that appear on the runway, but the outfits of the attendees. From buyers and editors to designers and A-list celebrities (and those who fall in between), everyone at Fashion Week shows are flawlessly styled from head to toe. At the Rag&Bone show last Friday there were a variety of unique styles in the crowd. I saw everything from angel wings and patterned kimonos to a classic pink Chanel tweed suit worn by the famed editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour. All attendees wore their outfits, no matter how strange, with complete and utter confidence.

While some ensembles stood out in the crowd of the well-dressed guests, others seemed like clones. Short black leather booties and laser-cut leather skirts were an indisputable trend among the young women sipping cocktails outside the Moynihan Station bank where the show was held. Cat-eye sunglasses and structured calfskin handbags also made an appearance, but these accessories were tucked away under the seats as soon as the plastic covering was removed from the metallic runway–the signal that indicates the starting of the show.

The music began to pound and the attention of everyone in the room was directed at the opening at the very top of the runway. The models paraded out one by one, stepping to the beat of the music, each of their styles complete with slicked hair plastered to the sides of their heads and bright orange lipstick. The pieces were mostly a range of solid colors: white, cream, blush, peach, aqua, silver, orchid, and black. The soft shades of pink and blue in crepe and silk stood out against glistening black leather. The starkly different colors and fabrics did not battle each other for attention; they created a contrast that looked fantastic on the models.

Two things in particular stood out in the collection: a minimalist, sporty theme, and an emphasis on layering different textures and fabric.The designers made a point to use a plethora of different fabrics: suede, cotton, crepe, embroidery, and leather, leather, leather. Sport jackets and synthetic fabrics gave off a workout-chic vibe, but were spruced up with colored pieces layered over or under.  Models could be spotted wearing leather skirts, leather jackets, leather pants, leather cropped tanks, and leather bags. It is no secret that leather, in every color, is a huge trend for both this fall and also next spring/summer.

For the designers of Rag&Bone, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville it was another successful New York Fashion Week show and a beautiful collection.