No time for TV? Give these online exclusive series a try

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Greetings NetCliques readers, and welcome to the new school year. With all of your busy schedules you might be wondering how you’re going to have enough time to keep up with your classes and keep up with your shows. Well, the solution isn’t to give up on TV shows but try online-exclusive series.

Let’s say you’re upset that you’re going to be spending more time with your textbook than with your fantasy and horror shows like Once Upon A Time and Supernatural. No worries, there’s an online show for that! The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (available exclusively on Hulu)  follows a group of friends who discover their dance moves have more power than they know. In fact, the titular heroes (which include Glee’s Harry Shum Jr.) realize that with each step they take to the music, they begin to develop superpowers which they refer to as “The Ra.” With dancing styles including hip-hop, krumping, contemporary, breakdancing, jazz, tap, and ballet, LXD involves intricate choreography while also showcasing breathtaking sceneries and dangerous stunts (surprise, no green screens or wires here!). When it comes to this show, you get a perfect combo of The Avengers with America’s Best Dance Crew.

If you’re looking for dramas like Mad Men and Revenge consider viewing the dramedy Orange Is The New Black (available exclusively on Netflix). Based on a memoir by Piper Kerman, Orange Is The New Black follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) who was sent to a federal prison in New York after she was caught with a suitcase full of drug money. Orange has the grit and setting of an intense drama but light touches of comedy that tie everything together. With only thirteen episodes  there will be plenty of time for you to return to that term paper.

If you’re looking for witty and memorable sight-gags and one-liners (think Modern Family or Community) try The Allen and Craig Show (available on Youtube from Evil Iguana Productions). The web series parodies the premise of internet celebrities in a unique and funny way. Allen Murphy (playing an exaggerated version of himself) wants to be the creator of the next viral video, so he drags his best friend, Craig Deering (also playing himself), on a quest to make it big online. Each of the episodes are completely improvised and the results range from shocking to downright hilarious. With episodes extending to just fifteen minutes, you’ll be laughing over the punchlines while still outlining notes for class.

Did we miss any online show that you absolutely love to death?

Let us know in the comments section. Your suggestions are just as important as ours.