Club spotlight: Free the Children works to better lives of kids worldwide

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In an attempt to better the lives of children around the world, enrichment club Free the Children set a goal to rebuild a school in Haiti after Hurricane Isaac’s devastating impact earlier this year.

Every year, Free the Children selects or continues to support a campaign to fundraise for. Last year they completed their three year long Water for Ecuador campaign after raising a total of five thousand dollars. Instead of continuing this project for another year, Free the Children refocused their efforts on Haiti, which was affected by Hurricane Isaac in August.

Before Hurricane Isaac hit, the children were attending classes in tents because their school was destroyed in a previous earthquake. However, the hurricane blew away the tents, leaving the eager children with no school to attend.

Charlene Levi, Free the Children Club Advisor, said, “Our goal is to raise 8,500 dollars by the end of the school year. We’ve been getting a lot of support from the wrestling team, especially Mr. Adamkiewicz who actually went to Haiti to help out, and Amnesty International who has given school supplies. All the support that we are getting is incredible.”

Free the Children club meets to discuss ways to help. photo by Hannah Morse

Free the Children supports numerous fundraising campaigns, the proceeds of which go to the rebuilding of the Haiti school. Since the beginning of the school year, the club has done a combined fundraiser to support the We Scare Hunger Campaign and the We Create Change campaign. They plan to collect more donations around Valentine’s Day, and there is a possibility that they will host a talent/fashion show later on in the school year.

Suswana Chowdhury, Free the Children Club President, said, “I think that what we’re doing is inspirational and touching. I love to help others and have a chance to impact and change the world. This club is the perfect way to accomplish all of that.”

Ms. Levi concluded, “Our final goal, aside from the money, would be to have Townsend Harris sponsor this school in Haiti like a sister school, similarly to how we’re doing it in Japan.”