Can you eat well for six dollars or less in Flushing?

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After school, have you ever found yourself on Main Street wondering, “Hmm, what should I have to eat here?” You reach into your pocket and realize you only have about 6 dollars, and you immediately assume that this couldn’t possibly be enough for a good meal. This was my mentality when I was younger and inexperienced, but never fear. I have found 3 inexpensive places that fit right into my criteria: cheap (6 dollars or less spent), quick, and easy to get to and find.

Lan Zhou Hand Made Noodles: 136-20 Roosevelt Ave

This noodle joint with a small façade and a fancy sign lies in the heart of the highly popular New World Mall food court on Roosevelt Avenue. It offers up, as the name suggests, handmade noodles with a choice of meat on top; there are also different styles of noodles, including thin and cold varieties. You can watch and enjoy the gentleman in the front of the store making the noodles while yours cook, noting how difficult the task truly is. For the food itself, my noodles came out perfectly, showing that the cooks truly know how long it typically takes for their noodles to be just right. The noodles were in a meat-based broth that was a little salty, but very tasty. The noodles I ordered were topped off with beef and bok choy, garnished with cilantro and scallion. They had available both hot sauce and soy sauce, if you enjoy additional flair and spice like I do, as well as cans of soda for a buck. Amongst its competitors in the food court, it’s definitely the best noodles I’ve had. I was able to get beef soup noodle and a can of Coke there for only $5.50.
Food: A     Décor: B     Service: B+      Overall: B+

Madina Halal Food: 136-54 39th Ave (38th Ave and Lippman Plaza)

Out of the many halal carts one might find in Flushing, I feel very strongly that this one leads the pack for quality, quantity and speed. When I went, I got the chicken over rice platter, but this cart also has lamb, and you can get a gyro sandwich in lieu of the rice platter, which comes with salad. The chef and lone employee is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in the restaurant business. He calls you “buddy” and has a nice chat with you while asking the standard question: “white sauce hot sauce?” I was able to get chicken over rice and a bottle of Poland Spring for only 6 bucks.
Food: A      Décor: B      Service: A+      Overall: A

Barone Pizza: 40-27 Main Street

While pizza may be a very cliché thing to eat as a teenager in New York City, this pizzeria, which is right on Main Street next to where the LIRR passes over, is a great option. It was much more relaxed and calm than most other busy pizzerias around, but it isn’t like they don’t have a lot of customers buying their food. Their pizza was not incredibly greasy, but there was a large amount of cheese on it. The interior was like stepping back in time into a pizza joint from 30 years ago, a place where older folks probably reminisce about their younger lives. The service was extremely fast, and the pizza that I got had just come out of the oven, so I didn’t even have to wait for it to get hot. When I went, I had already bought a bottle of water for a dollar, so I only bought two slices of regular. I was able to have all of this for $5.50.
Food: A-      Décor: A     Service: A-      Overall: A