Bakhtar Halal Kabab: The Art of Afghan Food


Chicken and beef over rice platter. Photo by Samantha Velasquez

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Chicken and beef over rice platter.  Photo <br /><figcaption id=Photo by Samantha Velasquez

Want to enjoy delicious Middle Eastern halal food in a comfortable restaurant, instead of on the street from a vendor? Well, now you can at this Afghan restaurant just a block and a half from school. Bakhtar Halal Kabab is not only convenient, but it is of much higher quality and cleanliness than even the best halal carts. All this comes for only a slightly higher price.

The interior of the restaurant is very quaint, with nice tables and chairs. The entrance is positioned awkwardly on the side of the building on 68th Avenue,and not on Main Street, but it only takes a moment to realize this. The staff was very helpful and quick, especially because I went early in the day before the lunch rush.

I ordered the chicken kufta combo for lunch . The meal begins with a salad composed of fresh lettuce, crisp cucumbers, tart tomatoes and topped with a white halal sauce, and a green and spicy Afghan chutney. For those who are used to getting their halal a la cart, this salad bared little resemblance to the limp iceberg lettuce suffocating inside a styrofoam box.

The sauces were not just a garnish but a central component to the impression of the dish. The white sauce added a distinct flavor to the rice and chicken kufta. The green sauce, meanwhile, added a delectable bite and zest to the meal, and I greatly enjoyed both these sauces.

The rice was simple yet satisfying, and not trying to do too much. The chicken kufta was juicy, and had a lot of its own flavor that I did not expect. The meal also came with a piece of Afghan bread (similar to pita bread), which added a nice touch to the meal. The portion size was surprisingly large for lunchtime, and the food was very filling.

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that can get there after school or on a shortened day, as this is a great place to go for lunch after a long day of school. They do have carryout, and are also open for dinner.

Bakhtar Halal Kabab

67-29 Main St
Flushing, NY 11367

Food: A

Service: A

Décor: A-

Overall: A