From the Editors: Classic honored at NYC journalism awards

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The editors with their awards.  Photo </a><figcaption id=The editors with their awards. Photo by Brian Sweeney.

The staff of The Classic won six awards at Baruch College’s  Newsies! Awards Ceremony on November 15.

The awards ranged from best school news reporting to best overall online high school newspaper.  Editors Suswana Chowdhury, Katherine Maradiaga, Amanda Yan, and Christina Wang won individual awards, as did alumni Genna Mastellone, Catherine Moskos, and Isaac Pulatov.

The judges, a mixture of media professionals, described the online version of The Classic as being “on par and in some cases better than certain unnamed professional news organization websites we’ve seen.”

As for Christina and Amanda’s layout & design work, the judges called it, “incredibly professional, gorgeously art-directed, beautifully illustrated.”

With The Classic’s bell schedule article, “the judges were blown away by the level of reporting” involved and specifically praised the reporters’ ability “to explain, clearly and succinctly, the tangled path that led to an unpopular shift in policy.”

The New York Daily News published the winning articles on its website following the ceremony.