The Fray brings a new sound to their latest album

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We all know the Fray from their songs “How to Save a Life,” “You Found Me,” and “Over My Head.” Just like every artist, The Fray has changed and evolved. Expect their new fourth album, “Helios,” to be different from the soft choruses of their previous music.

The Fray is an alternative rock band from Colorado that formed in 2002 and is fronted by lead singer and songwriter Isaac Slade. The catalyst for their success was their debut album “How to Save a Life.” That album led to four Grammy award nominations, three Billboard Music Awards, and several other international awards.

The release date for Helios is February 25, 2014. Their new songs from the album were first introduced at one of their small concerts in a casino by Niagara Falls in late 2013. The crowd reacted well to both their old songs and their new, different songs. One of the new songs they played was “Hold My Hand,” where they actually kept their style with the vocals and piano, although it was faster paced.

One of their singles, “Love Don’t Die,” has a happy vibe and very catchy chorus. It is very fast paced compared to their other popular sounds. You can hear that the band took some influences from One Republic.

The other released single, “Hurricane,” is also fast paced and has a small dance beat. Yes, a dance beat from the Fray. Isaac Slade told Billboard, “With the band, whatever we’re going through makes its way into the music, whether we like it or not. And what we’re going through now is pretty great stuff, so it just reflects in the music.”

“This record is all about running to the front lines of what we’ve done and pushing our borders even farther,” said Slade. Experimenting seems to have gone pretty well for them. If you like OneRepublic and The Killers, don’t even hesitate to check out Helios!