Foster the People brings the weirdness with new album Supermodel

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After their hits “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Don’t Stop” in 2011 (yes, it has already been three years), Foster the People seemed to have disappeared. The indie pop group that formed in California consists of the founder of the band and frontman Mark Foster, as well as Cubbie Funk and Mark Pontius. They formed in 2009 and made a debut with their successful album Torches.

Now Foster the People is back and with a different style. Mark Foster says he doesn’t want to write a second “Pumped Up Kicks.” Instead, he wants to touch upon many genres and incorporate different sounds. With songs titles like, “Goats in Trees” and “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon,” their second album Supermodel will be delightfully odd.

“Coming of Age,” their single off of Supermodel is influenced by 80s rock. Foster mentions this, “When I was writing that track, the music made me feel so nostalgic. The song was like something from a John Hughes film. I kept thinking of Molly Ringwald.” African music is another influence on the album, as heard in “Are You What You Wanna Be.”

Their second single is “Best Friend,” which is the ideal funky indie pop song. Its genre is more precisely known as psychedelic-pop, which is fascinating and weird at the same time.

You might be asking, “Why the name Supermodel?” To this, Foster says, “Supermodel is a hard thing to articulate. It’s about the culture that we live in, how we value celebrity more than ever. You can get famous through Twitter or Instagram. Everybody’s an artist and a model. If we don’t agree with what somebody says, we can unfollow them. When we made this music, I guess that LA was my muse – but I just had to get outside of the bubble to look in.” The new albums lyrics have quite the meaning to them as well.

While on their tour, they will stop by at The Governor’s Ball Music Festival with plenty of other awesome singers and bands. Also, be sure to get the album on March 18 and check it out if you are into indie pop music! You won’t be disappointed!