Shakespeare class holds charity show

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Photo by Kari Iocolano
Photo by Kari Iocolano
THE “SHAKESPEARE: From Page to Stage” class presented a charity Shakespeare performance. the ticket sales for the show on June 12 raised $756 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The show consisted of two acts with segments from various Shakespearean works, in addition to an improv troupe.

The audience directly participated in the show by filling out sheets in order to set the parameters for the improv skits. Among the improv skits were a clogged toilet scene, a battle between a dinosaur and Romans, and a Game of Thrones cruise.

Junior Christina Sue said, “I enjoyed how many of  Shakespeare’s works were strung together and given a modern twist. The selections were interesting, humorous and easy to relate to. The fact that it was all for such a great cause made it even more enjoyable.”

Drama teacher and show organizer Joseph Canzoneri thought the show was a huge success and is grateful for the support it received, saying, “The THHS community’s willingness to give back always impresses me. I want to thank every single person who was willing to support the cause.”