Candidates gear up for latest Election Simulation

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Othria Ahmed plays Latrice Walker in the 2014 Election Simulation. Photo by Kari Iocolano.

The 2014 Election Simulation official began in the courtyard Kick-Off Rally, with this year’s candidates and interest groups focused on topics including the new Common Core standards, renewable energy sources, foreign policy, and gun control.

“The Kick-Off Rally was really professional and fun. I think this year’s Election Simulation will be more exciting and creative than years in the past,” said senior Daja Nasib, who is running as Nydia Velazquez, New York’s Congresswoman for District 7. She expressed that she’s enjoying every second of the Election Simulation as it brings the senior class together.

“I did enjoy the Kick-Off Rally because it was interesting to see how my classmates played their parts. It’s also funny to see a competition heat up between all of them and guess who will win just by their speeches. There were some interesting speeches about God, religion and legalizing medical marijuana,” commented senior Elizabeth Tum. “Hopefully the school votes based on effort and stances instead of looks and popularity.”

However, some people were not able to enjoy the Kick-Off Rally due to their responsibilities. Senior Radhika Patel, who is a part of the TV show claims that she wasn’t able to enjoy the Kick-Off Rally because she focused on making sure everything went smoothly.

Mr. Wood, who is in charge of the radio and tv show classes, thought that this year’s Kick-Off Rally was better than years past. “I think that every year students do a good job, but I think they [seniors] put a little extra effort into it this year. Compared to previous years, I think that this was probably the best one I’ve seen in a long time because all the students were into it, the signs were nicely made, the candidates were well-prepared, we had music, and it was a beautiful day.”

Dr. Steinmann, coordinator of the Election Simulation, also enjoyed the Kick-Off Rally and said, “Whenever you have a Kick-Off Rally, you always try and think of better ways to do it next year, but I have to say since I’ve started doing the Election Simulation, this was the best yet!”

As Election Day itself gets closer, the rest of the school is getting ready for the campaigns to take over the school.

Discussing his experience from last year, sophomore William Mun said, “It was a welcoming way to introduce me to the school especially considering all the crazy stuff they did last year. I’m looking forward to what these candidates have in store.” Junior Andzelika Sroka looks forward to the Election Simulation every year, and says that “it’s nice to see students getting involved in politics.” Both juniors Victoria Wozny and Amanda Zhang agree that the Election is a fun time, and makes THHS unique.