Teacher’s cafeteria returns to teachers, vending machines moved

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Recently, the vending machines in room 136 have been moved to the lobby in order to re-establish the room as a place solely for teachers.

Assistant Principal of Organization, Health and Physical Education Ellen Fee explained that about 10 years ago, the school lunch program used to serve teachers.

Once it stopped, “slowly the teacher’s cafeteria became a student lounge.” Now, students cannot stay in this room.

“We’re trying to create a space again for teachers to have lunch together and to collaborate,” she explained.

In addition, more people might use the vending machines if they’re in the lobby.

COSA and Biology teacher Sarah Oberlander, who is working to develop the space, hopes the room encourages teachers to socialize with colleagues from other departments.

“I think it’s important for teachers to have a place to congregate… which isn’t necessarily their office space,” she said.

“We never get out of our offices to see other teachers and see what’s going on in their lives.”

Though some students sometimes stayed in 136 during free time, Ms. Oberlander feels that students have plenty of other available areas to hang out.

“Teachers don’t really have a place like that at all,” she said. “It’s helpful to have a space that’s off-limits for students.”