Trump boosts Simulation interest

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With Republican candidate Donald Trump dominating media coverage of this year’s Presidential Primaries, it comes as no shock that the seniors of Townsend Harris High School spent much of the first two weeks of school clamoring over who would play him in this year’s Election Simulation. After much debate, on September 17, US Government classes decided which students will play this year’s candidates, with the role of Trump going to senior Matthew McAndrew.

“I am planning on treating these issues exactly as Trump would,” said Matthew, “no matter how petty or immature his ways can be, in order to keep the simulation as realistic as possible.”

Trump, host of The Apprentice and real estate mogul, has continuously drawn the nation’s attention since he announced that he would pursue the 2016 Republican nomination for thepresidency on June 16.

The scale of this year’s election coupled with the diversity of the candidates makes for a much more buzzworthy simulation schoolwide.

AP World History teacher Mr. Wood commented that “the question really is whether or not [Matthew] has the confidence to be brash and bold like that.”

As for other notable candidates, Seniors Yasmin Ally, Matthew Sullivan and Jason Edelman also accepted nominations for the positions of Hillary Clinton, Jim Webb, and Martin O’Malley, respectively.

Mr. Wood shares that he “certainly hope[s] there is enough drama in real life, so we can have a great simulation.”