Tozt is now “QCafe”

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Tost Cafe on Kissena Boulevard, a popular restaurant with students and faculty, changed its name to Q Cafe earlier this summer. Along with the name change has come an increase in prices on certain menu items.

The owners of the restaurant were unavaialable for comment, which left surprised Harrisites guessing over the reason for the name change.

Senior Max Lacoma feels that the change favors the restaurant and believes “the cafe is trying to attract more students from Queens College for business.”

Junior Klaudia Hanus said, “Tost just suits the place and changing their name is like changing the tradition of ordering from there.”

Guidance counselor Cheryl Kramer says, “I wasn’t aware of the change. The restaurant should have made an announcement to make people more aware of the change.”

In addition to the name change, many sandwiches on the restaurant’s menu now cost $7.49, and increase from the $6.99. Some salads have moved to $9.99 from $8.99.