New York Post says we’re number one

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This September, The New York Post ranked Townsend Harris High School as the number one public high school, excluding specialized ones, in NYC. Baccalaureate School for Global Education ranked second and Eleanor Roosevelt High school ranked third.

According to the article called “The Top 40 public schools that don’t require the SHSAT test,” THHS has a 100% graduation rate, 100% college readiness rate, and a  99.6%  college enrollment rate. The ranking considered factors such as the number of students scoring mastery on the regents, the average total SAT score, and the AP exam passing rate.

“Not just for Queens, this highly sought-after Flushing school draws bright, motivated kids,” The Post published. “Last year 5,540 applied for 306 freshman seats—with its mission to foster a love of learning, and an appreciation of nature and the arts.”

In regard to this new award, sophomore Noah Sadik said it was “not shocking at all given the fact that our school is so rigorous and that Harrisites are such highly-achieving students.” When asked what aspects of the school contribute to its success, he responded: “We have some of the best and most dedicated teachers, an accelerated curriculum, and a community of over-achievers that come together to produce a great school.”

Freshman Anastasia Codjebas remarked, “Students are able to reach new heights and achieve high grades. This makes me proud to be a part of this high school.”

Junior Doris Zheng said: “With the… [heavy] workload, the people in THHS truly make the suffering worth it. I cannot go a day without laughing and smiling around my parents and teachers.” Additionally, she mentioned, “The high honor reassures me that THHS deserves the recognition that it gets.”