Sweater Weather

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According to the Townsend Harris High School forecast, sweater weather is officially upon us. As temperatures drop to a brisk 40­50 degrees, sweaters are the perfect attire to keep you warm and toasty without the help of a jacket. Though stores like H&M, J. Crew and Zara have replaced their floral blouses with chunky knits, these sweaters often have so many diverse styles and lengths that customers just can’t pick one. Lucky for you Harrisites, the Townsend Trends team has found the one that has people turning their necks: The Turtleneck!

The turtleneck dates back to the 20th century when intellectuals and philosophers predominantly rocked this look. Today, we’ve taken a spin on this traditional shape by spicing up the fit and material. One of the biggest advantages of wearing these high­neck sweaters is the accentuation of the neckline. This provides the illusion of a lofty height and stature. Another perk of the turtleneck is its wide variety: styles range from slouchy, snug, flimsy and chunky; you name it, they’ve got it. The specific fit of the sweater will determine the bottom and shoes of your outfit. Luckily enough, this fall favorite is unisex! Males and females alike can stock up their wardrobe with this autumn essential.

Turtlenecks are truly a blessing from the fashion gods above: they can be paired with virtually anything! You can keep it simple on the bottom with a pair of leggings, or opt for a pair of jeans: skinny, bootleg, and even boyfriend will do the trick. You can also accessorize the look with a necklace, preferably a long one. We advise steering away from a chunky statement necklace and rather adhering towards a long chain with a pendant. But sometimes less is more, as these sweaters often look best solo. Though moccasins and flats can be worn with these sweaters, we highly recommend a pair of ankle, combat or riding boots. For males, the turtleneck will most likely be a fitted one, paired best with khakis, jeans or joggers. They can dress their outfit up by layering a thin turtleneck with a casual topcoat. Shoes can vary from suede camel boots to sneakers, depending on the outfit.

Turtlenecks are neck and neck with this season’s trendiest apparel. The Townsend Trends Team assures you: this look will not be a pain in the neck.