X-marks the Spot

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Spot, a trendy dessert bar that serves confectionaries with an Asian twist, recently opened a shop on Prince Street, Flushing, offering everything from unique ice cream flavors such as green tea and condensed milk to interesting toppings like macarons and cornflakes.

During our visit, we ordered the Omakase, consisting of six different tapas, a teapot of earl grey black tea, and two cookies. We began with the oreo chocolate cookie and matcha lava cookie, being more decadent and flavorful, despite the latter being served to us a tad bit cold.

We then started on the tapas, our first being the Black Forest Tapa consisting of chocolate mousse, dark chocolate sauce, pistachio ice cream, and green tea microwave cake. The star of this dish was the chocolate mousse, as its sweetness and softness gave it an excellent taste. The green tea cake was fluffy and airy but contributed little to taste. The macarons similarly detracted from the dish with their stale taste.

Our next dish was the Matcha Lava Tapa, a warm dark chocolate cake consisting of green tea ganache, green tea ice cream, chocolate pearls, and cookie crumbs. The richness and warmth of the lava cake paired nicely with the ice cream, which had an authentic matcha flavour. This is one of Spot’s signature dishes, so it is a must-try.

We also tried the Cookie Camp, which included a freshly baked marshmallow cookie, milk ice cream, and pretzels. Served on a mini-skillet the cookie was gooey with chocolate, while the pretzels gave the dish a sweet and salty vibe. Even though it is overall a good and filling dessert, one can easily taste that there was too much flour in the cookie.

The Milky Puff, a warm pastry with milk ice cream, corn flakes, brulee bananas, whipped cream, and white chocolate honeycomb, resembled a breakfast dish in dessert form. The milk ice cream paired well with the cornflakes, and the puff pastry melted with the bananas inside. However, it was a very messy dish to eat as the puff pastry quickly lost its crispiness as soon as the ice cream begins melting. This dish was more tame, and more for those wishing for something less dense than many of the other chocolatey tapas.

Spot was a great place to go after school, with fairly quick service and very kind staff. We recommend trying the Omakase with a group because you can choose from a whole selection of desserts for a slightly lowered price (each tapas is usually around $10, but if you order four tapas, it will cost $35). You also get to experience different parts of the menu; however, if you choose to go with a large group be aware that there is very limited seating and the tables themselves are small, with little to no arm space.
Ranking the desserts from best to worst, we would choose the Matcha Lava, the Cookie Camp, the Milky Puff and then the Black Forest.  There is also an extensive drink menu, ranging from bubble tea (which you can order in a light bulb) to hot coffee. So the next time you visit Flushing, peek into Spot for a sweet time.