Alumnus Ethan Felder organizes Queens Healthcare Town Hall at Townsend Harris

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A Queens Healthcare Town Hall, organized and hosted

The event will take place on Sunday, April 30 at 1 PM. According to a Facebook event page, “For too many in this borough, quality healthcare has become a privilege for the few rather than a right for all.” For participants, Ethan sees this as an opportunity to “once again come together in solidarity” in what he believes is “an uncertain time.”

Some co-sponsors of this event include Black Lives Matter, Greater New York, New York Immigration Coalition, Health and Hospitals, and Queens Neighborhoods United. Guest speakers at this event include Congresswoman Grace Meng, Director of the Commision on the Public’s Health System Anthony Feliciano, and Policy Director of the New York Immigration Coalition Max Haxler.

“The goal is education, participation, and advocacy,” Ethan stated. “We are trying to raise awareness of barriers to access for communities of color and immigrants.” He also plans to highlight policy solutions under consideration.

The Queens Solidarity Coalition is organizing a borough-wide series of these meetings, which began in Western Queens, and spread to Eastern and Northern Queens. When asked why he chose THHS as a location for one of these meetings, he replied, “I am a proud alumnus of Townsend Harris and wanted the forum to be keeping with the Ephebic Oath.” He continued to express the importance of engaging students and youth on an important policy and “moral issue,” commenting that a fundamental human right is currently “under attack by powerful forces in Washington.”

Ethan also expressed his excitement for this Town Hall, the final one in the series, “organized by people for people.” According to him, “it only takes a small group to make an impact.” He continued to explain that the Queens Solidarity Coalition was formed by engaging “like-minded neighbors,” and wanted to emphasize the “paramount importance of civic engagement and involvement by young people” at this Town Hall.

“This is our time to rise together and demand the country we want,” he concludes.